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Saturday, September 14th, 2013 09:07 am
So, Korra. It's good. Real good.

Keep that in mind going into these, because I get a little nitpicky and I don't want to make it sound like I didn't enjoy it.

- I think I actually prefer The Legend of Korra to Avatar: The Last Aibender, but I like Avatar's characters much better, if that makes any sense. As someone else put it, Korra's characters are a bit "archetypey". They just aren't as fleshed out or iconic.

- It's going to take me awhile to get used to Studio Pierrot's animation. It's good, to be sure, but it's not quite as fluid or attentive as Studio Mir's, and the faces just don't have that same spark of life that they used to. But I do have to wonder if I would have even noticed it if I didn't already know about the change before going in.

- The thing with Korra's father is just odd. He was little more than a background character in the first season, and instead of nudging him into the plot, it's just BOOM! "Yo, I'm the banished prince of the Northern Tribe. Now watch me waterbend a forest to death with my friends. Because I could totally always do that."

- Speaking of which, it's just odd how we have to wait for the plot to virtually reboot from scratch. Granted, a big part of this (and the father issue mentioned above) stems from the fact Nickelodeon only ordered a miniseries and then changed their minds halfway into production. The writers are getting a lot more flak for this than they deserve considering the actual nature of the problem. It's not that they "didn't know whether or not they would get a second season", it's that they did know. They weren't.

- The scene cuts in the first episode are awkward all the way through and don't flow well. The second episode is better about this, though, sans Jinora's scenes near the end. I mean, are they a flashback, a flashforward, or do they play out at the same time as Korra's scenes? I'm confused.

- Speaking of Jinora, I love the fact that she's getting a bigger role this season. The shots of her looking at her grandfather's statue make me realize how highly she must think of him. And then I remember that she never even got to meet Aang...

- The twins bother me. I know they're supposed to sound bored and creepy, but it sounds more like their voice actors just aren't trying, which in turn breaks the immersion because I keep stopping and thinking about the fact they have voice actors. They're also really two-dimensional right now and haven't gone anywhere beyond the normal twin tropes. Hopefully that will change in the coming episodes. A couple shots of them in the trailers give me hope that they will get developed.

- Meelo is too cute and not nearly ugly enough. The new animators do not know what they are doing.

- Katara frowning as Tenzin's siblings tease him is really sad.

- Holy crap, that's Northern Water Tribe's navy? Wow, have they ever militarized. I suppose it makes sense that there's a pre-WWI style arms race going on in the world, though.

- When do we get to see Zuko? In fact, when do we get to find out anything more about the later exploits of the original cast?

Anyway, a few people I follow on Twitter were really being down on Korra and the characters. It's clear they hate the new series, and I'm all for constructive criticism, but it's really depressing when something I enjoy so much is getting constantly ripped to shreds for hours on end.

It's not even like they didn't have good points--I actually agree with a lot of their criticism, and don't forget that I thought the first season's ending was a bit of a let down. But when all that they post and retweet from others is decidedly negative, without any positive counter-points, it makes it hard to stay excited about finally getting to watch the show again.

I think what really bothers me, though, is the fact that it was clearly not a "discussion", so I didn't feel like I could voice my own opinion in reply when I felt there were elements that they missed (which sort of defeats the point of Twitter). Moreso when they made digs against those who do like it. I guess I need to strive to watch myself and not become like that on Twitter myself.

I'll probably unfollow them until the season's over, so meh. [/emo]


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