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The Life and Times of Dale Johnson

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Birthdate:Jun 2
Location:Kentucky, United States of America
Hello there! My name is Dale! I like to make things!

FRIENDS POLICY: You do not need to ask to friend me. Just be aware that I might not friend you back. It's nothing personal. My friends' page is just regulated to people I'm more familiar with online. However, because my journal is open, I make very few locked entries. Even if you are not a "mutual" friend, you will still be able to read and comment on the vast majority of things I post. :D

COMMENTS POLICY: Criticism and differing points of view are both welcome and encouraged in my LJ. However I do require you to be civil about it. While I do not delete comments (except in the case of spam), I do reserve the right to block people from my LJ.

LJ-CUT POLICY: I include "lj-cuts" for spoilers and large images so as not to disturb the Friends' Pages of my friends. The lj-cut includes text describing what's beneath the cut so that you know what you're getting into. I do not cut for non-spoiler walls of text except in special cases, so please don't bother demanding I do so. (You are, however, welcome to ask, although there is no guarantee I will do so.)
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